Get your house in order!!

We have all bought a car at some stage in our lives but to tempt us to make the effort, give up our valuable time (often at weekends) and travel to look at our next dream machine we will probably discount those vehicles which don’t stand out from the crowd and grab our attention.  We will look at cars which are displayed well, with good photographs, shiny bodywork, an enticing write up and which appear to be value for money.  Why should selling your property be any different?  Like a car, your house should be valeted, your photographs will tell the story and colour your buyer’s view, an honest and interesting description and a realistic price will create activity.

Make do and mend is not good enough!  You need to take a deep breath and think of England, bite the bullet and get your house ‘ship-shape and Bristol fashion’.

Remember the 5 P’s, Poor Presentation Prevents Premium Pricing, so what you can to make your house the one buyers want to buy not just to look at, remember that good old phrase “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. it’s true, even though sometimes the truth hurts.

Nick Forman, Principal