FoxWood gets Quizzical

Last night, a team from FoxWood Maclean flexed their intellectual muscles at the Kent Executive Club Quiz in Platt.

Despite a valiant attempt, and the coercion of several partners to come along and provide support and brainpower, it was sadly not a show winning performance.

Enjoying the quiz? Or the wine?

However, faced with questions on subjects as diverse as Astronomy, Famous Quotes and Art, we think that we acquitted ourselves rather well with a solid sixth place! Sadly, there were not too many questions on any of our group’s specialist subjects, which did range from insects to architecture – they must have known we were coming!

However, and most importantly, the night raised several hundred pounds for Age UK, a very worthy cause.

To test FoxWood Maclean’s knowledge of the property market, or even anything else, please get in touch on 01732 862184 or 01233 812606